Susan Dunn: Founder & Head of Litigation Funding, Harbour Litigation Funding

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Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to be in the legal business?

I was always interested in the law from an early age, mostly because of the variety I thought a legal role might offer. That early life as a solicitor then developed into working in Atlanta, being a diplomat for 3 years, a stint in a dot com, until in 2002 I fell into the litigation funding world, at that time non existent in the UK and many other jurisdictions after a ‘Sliding doors’ moment on a tube train led to a chance encounter with an old colleague.

What do you do for a living right now?

I am co founder and Head of Litigation Funding for Harbour Litigation Funding, a £410 million fund which funds large commercial disputes in 13 jurisdictions, currently, 5 different arbitral forums. It is a fascinating role which is constantly evolving as funding is adopted by more and more types of claimant.

What has been your greatest triumph and your greatest success in the legal services field and what did you learn from each?

The development of dispute funding to an international activity from my own start, with just £1 million in a converted carpet factory in Kidderminster has seemed like an amazing journey. But it has been at times a very tough journey as that of any entrepreneur is, at times paying to go to work as we had so little funds for overheads like salaries in that first business. There were times I was tempted to find something easier to do but now it is good to see the dogged determination pay off to what today is a great business and I am blessed to work with a very talented group of people. 

Susan Dunn Interviewed For #BakersDozen