Change happens. Sometimes quickly, sometimes imperceptibly – but always inevitably. And it affects us all eventually.

In the legal sector, we do need to talk about it – that is, really communicate instead of just talking “at one another” or “to the industry” without being more specific.

From the outset, we identified High Performance Counsel to be a platform about the positive and the possible – the potential for great and even greater – the goals we can stretch for an accomplish. We think it’s timely.

As an industry we do need to extract the best and share what is possible – to dispel some of the rampant fear and mythology that is starting to stalk the legal sector. There is so much that is excellent within the industry – not just the profession – and there is so much of value from outside that can be leveraged within. It’s time to bring it forward. Some things will work; others won’t. Some that don’t work will light the path to an even better solution.

What is High Performance Counsel, you ask? It’s a place to find authentic leadership on a range of issues – including that of modern day leadership itself in a changing industry, a digital workplace and a global economy. We bring forward a rich and diverse tapestry of excellence – the practical, the philosophical, the technical and the visionary – so our readership, our industry and its many ultimate clients and customers are better informed and better served.

We grow and learn together. Come on in and join the conversation.

yours aye,