My mother-in-law gave me a book that inspires me to this day.

It captured the biographies of a dozen or so founders whose stories were so improbable at the time yet proved to be so successful. These were the people who had “crazy ideas” and ridiculous suggestions. They were shunned in polite society. They slept in cars and knew what it was like to go hungry at times. Difficult, often unreasonable people. They also tended to be the people with extraordinary levels of grit, determination and energy. Irritatingly persistent types, you might say. In many cases, they became individuals worth billions. I’ve always felt this was a reasonable way to silence your critics.

I’ve met a lot of people who say they want to be a founder – or they think they would be a great start-up guy. Along the way, I’ve also met a lot of people unwilling or unable to give up a lucrative lifestyle to take the risk of failure, the risk of ridicule in the quest for greater. The list of “great start-up ideas” hatched around the water cooler or dinner table is officially taller than Everest. Go figure.

The “legal space” is the latest to get the technology bug and startup fever is rampant. All humor aside, it’s on its way to becoming a much more crisply-defined “legal industry” with industrial-strength business and technology solutions. On this road, there is simply no avoiding the disruption of technology. “Old rope” solutions won’t cut it for long – no matter how hard they sell it. The new kids both inside and outside the sector – they’re thinking different to build different. They’re not encumbered and technologically-biased like some. They care less about sacred cows. They’re building rockets. Big, beautiful rockets.

Consistent with our stance on covering the next ten years in law, we are supportive of founders and entrepreneurs in the legal industry. I talk with them often – not always in print. Occasionally to provide advice – and often, just to provide a listening ear. These are players who leave it all on the field and nurse the bruises quietly. They have learned to smile while hurting. You’ve got it – or you haven’t. You get it – or you don’t.

It’s a reason why we launched the new #FoundersDozen interview series on High Performance Counsel– to surface some of the grittiest, most inspiring stories of invention and accomplishment in the modern legal industry.

Yes, you can surely expect to see some of these new faces and their predictions in the ’19 edition of our (now) infamous #Bakers18.

It’s a reason we’re so delighted in our collaboration with ACEDS – given the tremendous support they offer to aspiring individuals and organizations in the legal technology sphere.

And it’s one reason why we announced our support of the Global Legal Hackathon, which is getting underway this week. Specifically, we will provide VIP coverage of the winners – more details to follow on that.

Ford understood that of which he spoke. Clients may call for speed – and some solutions may seem easier than others in the short-term – but this race will never be won by “training faster horses”.

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