NIST-aligned certification program reflects government and industry mandates of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NIST-CSF) as the governing standard for organizations and their Cybersecurity professionals.

New York, NY – July 3, 2019 — Media, events and education leader in the legal and cybersecurity industries, High Performance Counsel (HPC) has added a full suite of NIST-aligned training and certification to its growing portfolio of cybersecurity qualifications available for individuals and organizations. The NIST Curriculum reflects government and industry mandates for organizations to adopt and adapt the NIST-CSF qualification to meet Cybersecurity business goals and regulatory requirements. The NIST Curriculum also supports the education and training needs of individuals seeking employment and career development in the growing Cybersecurity sector.

HPC has committed to being the one-stop education partner that individuals and organizations need to gain cybersecurity competencies and certifications. With government and regulated industries now requiring individuals to be NIST-CSF qualified, the opportunity for forward-thinking professionals is becoming clear.

Key features include:

The NIST Curriculum is the only independently accredited certification training curriculum designed to teach organizations how to operationalize the NIST & NICE Cybersecurity Frameworks across an enterprise and its supply chain.

The NIST Curriculum is the first certification training program that teaches the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA’s) to plan and engineer a NIST cybersecurity program plus the KSA’s to stand up and support a Security Operations Center (SOC) and Continual Improvement Center.

For those starting out or still at school, the NIST Curriculum is a timely add-on or top-up for existing qualifications, which  helps to advance or accelerate a career in cybersecurity. For current cyber professionals, it’s a highly convenient way to up-skill and attain career goals.

Says David Kinnear, HPC CEO: “For us, it’s about being part of the solution. While some bemoan the increase in automation taking away opportunity, we see a new world of opportunity for the individual who wishes to leverage their existing skillset in a digital era. The compensation potential for NIST-qualified Cybersecurity professionals can far exceed that of many lawyers and ad hoc reviewers. It frames a choice for the individual between the old and the new – where the new often pays better.”


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