We spoke about key lessons in leadership with Russ Rudish, President & CEO of Rudish Health Solutions, a 2 year old healthcare boutique. Russ draws on a rich and successful career in consulting including top global leadership posts in the majors.

Russ Rudish: CEO, Rudish Health Solutions

From who or what do you draw inspiration as a leader?

From mentors in companies I have worked at; and from others, generally in the public domain, that I have observed

What do you think are the most important leadership qualities in today’s world?

Honesty and trust

Would you care to share your greatest failure – and what you learned?

Too numerous to pick just one: learnings are (1) do your homework/be as fact based as possible; (2) pick the right leaders

What has been you most satisfying success as a leader?

Helping others grow in their roles and succeed

What advice would you give to the younger generation contemplating law as a career?

Make sure it is your passion and not someone else’s idea (perhaps your parents)

Do you think the leadership in law is ready for change?

Yes, but they are amongst the slowest, most conservative of professions for obvious reasons

Is more – or different – leadership required? In what ways?

There is always the need for more leadership. Areas would include client relationship management and HR issues

How deep do you think will be the inroads of technology in the industry?

More than can be contemplated; as much or more than other professions

Do you think professional ethics are challenged by so much change in the legal industry?

Yes, but this is nothing new, although likely accelerated and more complicated

Russ is President & CEO of Rudish Health Solutions, LLC, a healthcare consulting firm with specific expertise in Strategy, M&A, IT and Operational Excellence. The firm also provides executive search and interim management services, and assists small and mid-cap companies with strategy, financing, sales and marketing.