What’s the impact from Implementing a

Legal Ops Solution?

Without a system in place,

legal departments:

Spend 3x as much time creating a matter

Spend 10x more time creating a report

Spend 2x more time hunting down information
during attorney research

Lack visibility into outside counsel spend

Are unable to adopt best practices for the
management of matters, legal services requests, and outside counsel

Are perceived as being behind other cost centers in terms of technology, responsiveness and accountability

By implementing a proven SaaS legal operations solution, a 10 person legal department can expect to realize:

$250,000 per year in staff time savings and reduced legal spend

Reduces the effort to open and assign new matters and budgets
by 75%

Reduces the time spent generating reports for business users by 90%

Reduces the time spent storing and referencing matter documents by 75%

Saves 50% of attorney time per week searching and reconciling matter data

Saves 30 minutes per invoice through electronic review and approval of invoices

Immediate reduction in outside counsel legal spend of 5% through the enforcement of billing guidelines on invoices from outside counsel

Team Connect

The easy-to-use, fast-to-implement solution validated by 30+ years of client success in optimizing legal processes and reducing spend.