ZorroSign Industry Use Cases

Legal industry – Electronic Signature and Digital Transaction Management

Use Electronic Signature, Digital Transaction Management, Biometrics, and ZorroSign (Document) 4n6 (Forensics) to Avoid Post-Execution Forgery of Legal Documents


  1. Electronically signed documents are easily forged after execution.
  2. Current electronic signatures not fit to replace wet signatures.
  3. eSigned documents require purchase of digital certificates yearly to keep documents from expiring.
  4. Partial digitization of paper-based transactions.
  5. No detailed audit trail of legal documents signed electronically.
  6. eSigned documents are not upheld in the court of law.

About ZorroSign

ZorroSign is an eSignature, and a Digital Transaction Management company that offers a unique proprietary technology to protect legal documents against post-execution forgery.

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Challenges of the Legal Industry

Law firms of all sizes need world-class tamper-proof security and legal enforceability of legal documents with non-repudiation, audit trails with full progress tracking and bank-level encryption. They particularly require a way to protect legal documents against post-execution forgery. They want all that while becoming more efficient and cost-effective in running their practice. With ZorroSign eSignature, 4n6 (Forensics) Token, as a complete DTM solution, your law firm can have all that and execute legal contracts online and within minutes.

Use Cases

  • Retainer, fee and non-disclosure agreements
  • All facets of the incorporation documents for all types of business entities
  • Purchase agreements (assets, products, and services)
  • Sale/Purchase, Merger and Acquisition contracts
  • Comply with Sarbanes-Oxley Act (board minutes, transparency, audit trail)
  • General Policy management and compliance by Human Resource Department
  • Employment contracts and new hire packages
  • Comply with your Document Retention Policy
  • Power of Attorney and Proxy Agreements
  • Wills and Trust documents
  • Request and collect consent and acknowledgement from large number of employees at once.

Key Features

  • ZorroSign eSignatures are compliant with international laws & regulations, such as E-Sign Act, UETA, HIPAA, etc.
  • Highly trusted eSignature that can be verified and authenticated digitally and on paper. The entire document set is secured utilizing industry standard encryptions.
  • Documents signed with ZorroSign can have access authorization using password, biometrics (fingerprint & iris) or any other third-party authentication services if required.
  • 4n6 Token can contain any file types, audio file, video file and GPS and contains encrypted detailed transaction information.
  • Give secure access (view, validate) to only authorized users via 4n6 (forensics) token reader mobile app.
  • 4n6 Token does not expire and it cannot be altered, pasted or forged onto another document.
  • Define document specific and generic (user-specific) workflows.
  • Build a template library of frequently used documents.
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